SMS Firewall

Safeguard your subscribers & revenue !



SMS Firewall is a solution to actively monitor MO, MT and Application Originated SMS to prevent fraud and SPAM using SMS

  • The Solution monitors all MO-SMS originated by local subscribers, MT-SMS that are getting terminated from external SMSCs to local subscribers and Application Originated SMS.
  • SMS Firewall solutions allows the operator to have full control of the SMS messages in the network
  • This control allows the operator to implement proper restrictions to increase their  revenue
  • With proper control, the QoS of SMS improves making more satisfied subscribers.

Current SMS behaviour

Application-to-person (A2P) and machine-to-machine (M2M) messaging are growing sources of revenue for mobile operators.

  • However, still most of the operators have not adopted proper SMS control mechanisms.
  • SMS receiving in operator interconnection links do not have any control whatsoever.
  • With the growth of use of SMS for Advertisement purposes, subscribers are swamped with Application Originated SMS
  • Various malicious and virus SMS are emerging.
  • SMS can create DoS attacks in network systems.

SMS revenue Leakage

  • Most mobile operators adopt sender-keeps-all based SMS commercial arranging between operators
  • SMS originated by off-net systems terminate SMS directly to the subscriber mobile
  • All revenue related to those SMS are kept by external parties
  • Money paid by the subscriber to receive SMS
  • Money paid by the SMS sending organization to send SMS
  • The network equipment of home network operator are used for these SMS terminations
  • The home network operator loses money in big time!

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