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The “SELF CARE” Application is developed for Mobile operators to provide comprehensive customer care services to its customers through a mobile application.

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The “SELF CARE” application helps to drives infrastructure consolidation by moving to a single self-care platform, which reduces operators’ investment in Capex and Opex. It helps to provide immediate customer experience and satisfaction without any delays.

Available on multi-platforms

Available on multi-platforms

As this is made available on multi-platforms (e.g. Android, iOS, Symbian, windows, WEB/Mobile web & Social Media (Facebook)), it gives the convenience to the customers to have all services at the touch of a finger at all times. It allows customers to identify and manage new products/services at their convenience in the comfort of their office/home without the need to visit the operator arcades.
  • Facebook
  • Android
  • ios
  • Symbian Os
  • Web App

The “SELF CARE” another version released!

Regular Upgrades to Latest Technology

Upgrades are key concern to absorb latest technology to deliver the ease of customer care service bundled with today’s trendy technology that provides the great user satisfaction for the subscriber base.

Empowering The Customers

By empowering customers with consistent, seamless account information across multiple channels, operators are able to enhance the experience for the clients, resulting in greater customer loyalty. Customers are also able to get engaged proactively on recommendations and feedbacks to the operators, which will lead to brand equity/likability.


A unified view of customer usage patterns provides operators with opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell services through a range of relevant promotions and offers. As the SELF CARE application will be made available on Social Media platforms (Facebook), it can boost traffic to the Social Media/web site and attract new customers. Promotions and communications’ can be customized based on the users past activity. Revenue generation could also be boosted by upgrade and cross selling.

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