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Make your Customer Feel Like Home

Make your Customer Feel Like Home

Why Intellectual Local Number Roaming for Inbound Roamers

Omobio’s “Prepaid Local Number Roaming” (PLN) solution gives a unique functionality for inbound roamers to get a virtual local prepaid number as soon as the roamer attach to the operators network.

Visitors stay with their original SIM cards and can initiate/receive calls and use GPRS with newly assigned local MSISDN at reduced cost.

With the help of Local Number Roaming solution now the Operator can increase their revenue by deploying new attractive services for inbound roamers, and enables the Roamers to increase convenience by saving the cost of expensive incoming calls, and enhancing the business contacts.

Key Benefits for the Inbound Roamers

Highly Flexible

Save cost on local Calls, SMS and Data in local rates.

Easy subscription for Local number.

Automatic disconnection on leaving the county.

Ability to reserve a local number for a longer period, and much more.

Key Features

Pre-Paid Local Number Activation (PLN)

Customer Care GUI for PLN Management

  • GUI to front line users to manage the registration of prepaid local numbers.

Administrator Portal

  • Number Pool Management
  • System Configurations
  • Manage user profiles and roles, and much more.

Automatic Pre-Paid Local Number Cancelation

Comprehensive Detailed Reports and Statistics

  • Revenue Report
  • Service Uptake Report (KPI reports)
  • Subscriber Query
  • MO Call Report
  • MT Call Report, etc.

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