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What is Anti-Fraud Call Filter?


Anti-Fraud Call Firewall prevents Fraud calls, which is impacting your OPEX and CAPEX. You can beat high-tech call terminators and prevent Fraud calls from entering your network with Anti-Fraud Call Firewall product. With the products multi-model and multi-level screening capabilities, you can filter any incoming calls. With the Anti-Fraud Call Firewall, you can protect your valuable network resources, maintain your network’s efficiency and increased your profit.

With the complexity of signal (Call) management & revenue assurance requirements detailed level of call patterns and parameter analysis is becoming very important with all telecom operators & need to avoid illegal call termination proactively. For that seamless interoperation of call controlling equipment, monitoring system, analysing modules & signal control units are very important. At the same time introduction of such system to the network should not overload existing operator network & network nodes and should avoid any degradation of the quality of service. Since solution is going to sit on the customer calling path, the solution should be extremely reliable & should prove & guarantee 100% uptime.



Anti-Fraud Call Firewall solution is works either Active mode or Passive mode. That can be select according to operator requirement. Solutions consist of following main Modules.


  • Signalling Process & Routing Module (Either SS7 or Sigtran)

The Anti-Fraud Call Firewall’s Signalling Process & Routing Module processes all the inbound IAMs and all the outbound IAMs from other networks including International Calls. Also this generates very detailed CDRs to each call activity.  Also call will be block/unblock from this module according to blacklist/whitelist.

  • CDR/TDR analysing Module

This module will enable the operator to analysing call pattern & control in incoming calls based on specific business rules.

  • CDR/TDR analysing module

Process these CDRs with admin define rules & generate suspected number list.  CDRs can be internal generated CDR or downloaded CDR from IN of the operator. TDR can be downloaded from operator.


The platform come with n+1 redundancy and seamless service fall back to a backup system in case a highly unlikely failure situation. System meets the telco grade 99.999% availability standard.

Benefits of Anti-Fraud Call Filter system


  • Increase revenue by stopping illegal call termination through illegal path & getting them through legal path
  • Detection & blocking of fraud within network
  • Increase the quality of service
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Identification of user behaviour patterns & generates statistical reports required for marketing department for new service promotions & other marketing campaigns.
  • System statistic for cross checking and revenue leakage identification

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